Sentaku (laundry)

Laundry in Japan is another example of something modern that feels totally different from what we’re used to in the US.

People typically own washing machines, but not dryers – so everything is hung out to dry on various folding hanger stands. This is done both to conserve energy and because “sun drying” makes the clothing more fresh. If drying clothing inside, people will put a small dehumidifier next to them to accelerate the process.

Washing machines have hoses attached to them, so that you can first take a bath and then use the hose to pull the bath water into the washing machine, to conserve water. Bath water is used early in the cycle and fresh water in the end for the rinse cycle. 

Apparently shower rooms (a whole other post) also have a “dry” setting, so you can also hang your clothes in the shower room to dry it quickly.

I’m not sure if this is typical, but we do laundry on a daily basis here, always in the morning, and then hang it up to dry after breakfast.

One thought on “Sentaku (laundry)

  1. I do agree – the smell of clothes dried up under the sun is much nicer and fresher. And the
    dehumidifier idea is great! BTW, a practical question – I was told that in Japan a widespread
    practice is to have a water heater in the attic so that the water is warmed up by the sun
    (or something like that) – did you notice anything like that? maybe it only applies to
    the South or Okinawa though …


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