Gomi (trash)

Trash in Japan is a big thing. There are multiple kinds of gomi (normal trash – burnable and non-burnable) and many kinds of shigen gomi (recycling). Many items have to be carefully separated into parts and thrown into different containers. There is even a twenty page booklet that tells you very precisely what items go where. Thrash is also collected on a varied schedule – some things once a week, some things twice a month, etc. 

The bags that trash and recycling go into have to be purchased in the town where you live, as part of the cost goes back into the system. And you actually have to write your name on each bag! That way if you do something wrong, it’s easy to identify you.

On one hand, people stick to this system very closely, which I’m sure if better for the environment. On the other, it’s kind of insane…

One thought on “Gomi (trash)

  1. Yeah, size matters 🙂 – I mean the size of the country, or rather the
    (historical) density of population. I heard that of all the places in Europe
    the *worst* is (or was?) Belgium …


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