Asa (morning)

This morning we drove to the top of Tengu yama (demon mountain). Sung Han Wu, the WWOOFer from Taiwan led us in a form of Tai Chi and we meditated for a few minutes.

At the top of the mountain there is a sign crediting Charles Weston with “discovering” it. The host Eri was telling me about him yesterday, but of course I thought she was saying “Mr Western” the whole time…

This video doesn’t exist

One thought on “Asa (morning)

  1. Nice! looks like his name was Walter though, not Charles … it’s funny, how many
    Britons (of both genders – don’t know how to refer to females, I hope not Brita :-))
    went all over the place to initiate things like mountaineering in Japan
    or diving somewhere in Africa (just guessing) etc … Would be great to learn
    Japanese stereotypes wrt European nations, but this is a highly non-pc issue, so
    maybe not.


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