Yasumi (off day)

Today is our “off day”. Still woke up at 6am to have breakfast and clean, which was rough. But now off to explore Nagano city.
Also learned that the traditional “seza” sitting style (ie. sitting with your legs folded below you) is “peaceful” because it’s harder to get up quickly and stab the person across the table from you.

One thought on “Yasumi (off day)

  1. Nagano seems to be a reasonable town, and not too far from Tokyo
    (150 milies = 2 hour drive). Must be a good place to live … speaking of
    stabbing etc, did they not play by the rules? judging from the movies
    they mostly did, so I assume that attacks like that were rather rare (?)
    Was duel a part of their culture? I would be surprised if it was not:
    in a highly regulated society quarrels would be resolved in a regulated
    way too (rather than by stabbings at tables) …


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