Japanese band recommendations

Per request, I am posting a list of Japanese bands I recommend checking out.

Bleach03 – I actually saw them for the first time at Cave9 in Birmingham, on the same bill as a friend’s band. No easy way to describe the genre – it swings from melodic to absolutely ferocious, but sounds like no other band I’ve ever heard of. Sadly, they broke up a few years ago, but I am planning to catch them at their one and only reunion show in Okinawa later this month.

Nemu – spaced out, swirling, psychedelic rock. I saw them a few years ago in Tokyo at a tiny venue and they absolutely destroyed it.

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs – sadly I’ve never actual seen these guys. Another hard to describe sound, somewhere in the world of post-rock.

Hyacca – the lead singer of this band is the sister of a Japanese teacher I had 10 years ago in Fukuoka. We went out to see them a long time ago and I was blown away by her presence on stage, after seeing how quite and reserved she was before the show. Again, hard to describe the sound.

Swarrrm – an old Japanese grindcore band, they’ve been around for at least 20 years. Never seen them live, but would love to.

Birushanah – another great metal band, they use a variety of percussion instruments and old Japanese instruments and melodies to anchor their music in old Japanese tradition.


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