Kippu (train tickets)

Like many things, t​he train ticket machine in Japan is the same no matter where you go – whether you’re in Hokkaido or Okinawa. 

The basic procedure is:

  • Look up your stop on the map above the machine to get the price
  • Select the right price on the machine and pay
  • Get your ticket and change
  • Enter your ticket into the turnstile and retrieve it when you go through.
  • Enter the ticket into the machine when exiting once you get to your destination.


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4 thoughts on “Kippu (train tickets)

  1. Yeah, getting around is the worst art of travel, even if you speak the language
    but are in another town. However dealing with a machine would my preferred
    way of buying tickets – as opposed to an angry lady at the counter …
    Awhile ago I had to face traveling in Germany and while ich spreche Deutsch
    (I used to be fluent 20 years ago when it was relevant) this was painful …


  2. Sorry for typos: … the worst Part of travel …; … would BE my …

    Even though the worst art of travel is not too bad …


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