Getting there…

Since I am not working right now, I decided to look for the cheapest option for flights. Voila…China Eastern. $520 roundtrip…that’s right, ROUNDTRIP. It was only a few days before the flight that I talked to a few friends who told me how terrible my experience would be.

The overall trip was about 22 hours long:

  • 15 hour flight to Shanghai
  • 4 hour layover
  • 3 hours to Tokyo

It actually wasn’t that bad in the end, although flying that long is tough.


  • Old lady sitting behind me kept sticking her feet through the seat and putting them on the arm rest.
  • Food was terrible. 100% bring your own if you fly this airline.
  • A 4 hour layover after a 15 hour flight is rough.



The descriptions for the in-flight films were nothing short of amazing.

3 thoughts on “Getting there…

  1. Hmm … I would consider 4 hours layover after 15 hour flight a welcome relief
    (you can stretch, walk around, etc). And I hope at least in-flight water was OK …
    The movie titles are indeed a lot of fun. Which one(s) did you watch?


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